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Birthdate:Aug 16
Location:Gotham City, New Jersey, United States of America
.salvation's for sale and hate's the currency that buys.

once upon a time, there lived a stupid kid who tried to pull a stupid stunt and got his stupid life turned around. he tried to become something he couldn't live up to, and when things got too complicated, he did one last stupid thing, a thing nobody could save him from.

wish i could say his story ends there, but what's a story without drama?

.so keep on pilin' your money.
.pile it up to the sky.
.then you can climb it to jesus.
.you know he loves a man that tries.

death becomes me. follows me around like a shadow. and these days? i embrace it. because what's the point in living for something if you're too scared to die for it too?

batman's not what this city needs, because he will never pull the trigger on the people who drive the underworld. me, i'm the kind of guy who can light a match and not feel bad about watching it burn. so if gotham needs someone to do its dirty work, i guess i'm the man for the job.

the name's red hood. if i'm coming for you, it's already too late.

[ooc note: been rping for 10+ years. mun & muse are 18+. open to everything and everyone, canon-mates or otherwise. jason's an asshole, so don't think he'll play nice. he lives to push buttons.]
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